• What range does your emergency service cover?

    Our emergency service usually covers the Okanagan. If your property is located within a 150-kilometer radius from our office, we will deliver you timely and cost-effective service.
  • Why does my drain get clogged?

    The most annoying thing is a clogged drain. There are 2 rooms in your house where the drains usually get clogged. They are your kitchen and bathroom. As to the kitchen drain, people are not very careful about what they put in them. Bathroom drains can be clogged due to the oil rest from shampoos, soaps, detergents, and hair. We strongly recommend you to be more attentive when you put something down in your drains. We can also advise you to treat them with the help of special drain cleaners.
  • What equipment requires preventive maintenance?

    At least once a year, we suggest that homeowners schedule a professional tune-up for the central heating and cooling system in their home. Inspections on boiler and furnace systems should include duct work, pipes, dampers, valves, the chimney, registers, radiators, pumps, blowers, fuel lines, the gas meter, oil tank and every part of the actual furnace and boiler.
    Meanwhile, heat pump and air conditioning unit inspections should also include inspections of the fan, compressor, indoor coils, outdoor coils and refrigerant lines.
  • Should I cover my outdoor unit in the fall and winter?

    You should never operate an outdoor unit when it is covered. Covering the unit during operation can impede necessary airflow and can cause system damage. For details regarding your location’s HVAC system recommendations, give us a call today.
  • Why should I choose an ENERGY STAR® product for my home?

    When it comes to energy efficiency, all ENERGY STAR® certified products shine. They have higher efficiency ratings than standard models and will likely cost less money to operate. ENERGY STAR® and the ENERGY STAR® mark are registered trademarks. ENERGY STAR® products are third-party certified by an EPA-recognized Certification Body. Products that earn the ENERGY STAR® prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines.
  • What type of filter should I use?

    Standard furnace filters work well to keep your system and its duct work clean, but they don’t really improve indoor air quality. To do that you need a media filter. The media filter rests between the main return duct and the blower cabinet and will improve dust and particle removal by seven times that of a standard furnace filter. However, upgrading to a pleated media filter will remove everything from insecticide dust to airborne viruses from the filtered air. Talk to one of our experts, we can ensure you get the right filter.